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Meat products, premium cold meats, blackforest ham, knackwurst, salami, pastrami
Späth is a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of top quality meat specialities with a distinct German influence.


The Späth family has been associated with the manufacturing of cold meats since 1908. In 1986, Fritz Späth, the award-winning master butcher, having moved from Germany, founded Späth's Cold Meats in South Africa.


It was in 1996 that Rudi Löwe joined what was still then a family business as an apprentice, and later went on to take full ownership of the company, whose new factory and production he now manages with his wife, Sonja.



Today Späth's is a manufacturer of specialised meat delicatessen, with the company supplying a wide variety of gourmet products to both the retail and hospitality industries.

With our extensive knowledge and a breadth of experience drawn from over 100 years of German excellence, we take great pride not only in our long heritage, but in the meticulous service we give our customers, and also in our commitment to excellence in the preparation of our products.

It is through that commitment to excellence that we have refined our recipes to produce only quality products, using only the finest meat and spices – quality on which our customers know they can rely implicitly.

With our insistence on teamwork, impeccable training, and the recruitment of only the best and most suited employees, we use state-of-the-art machinery and production techniques.

Our meticulousness extends throughout our supply-chain, where we comply with the strictest of controls to ensure traceability and food safety.


At Späth's we make a wide range of products. From salamis, sausages, hams, pork and beef, to chicken and turkey products, we use only prime meat cuts and a combination of the finest local and imported spices from approved suppliers.


The hands-on approach of Rudi Löwe and his management team ensures that only the highest standards of quality and service are maintained throughout production and beyond. We believe that quality knows no shortcuts, and it is our passion for excellence that drives everything we do and every process we utilise – from smoking, curing and cooking, to baking.


It is not only the pursuit of excellence that sets us apart from our competitors, however – it is our meticulous attention to detail and tradition throughout every aspect of production. During the smoking process we use only imported beech wood chips, and our Blackforest Ham is still made to old traditions from the German Schwarzwald. Our ham range evokes an appealing, flavoursome umami taste, while our streaky bacon is both succulent and delicate.


When it comes to packaging we take as much care as we do in our production. All our products are sorted, sliced and packed to specifications and strict standards. A training programme, cleaning procedures, usage-logs of food-safe chemicals, pest control and cold-chain control, as well as a laundry service, are an integral part of our daily routine. All our machinery is specialised, with most of it imported.


We commit ourselves to the supply of safe products and guaranteed quality throughout our product range. This is maintained within our Documented Food Safety Management System. This System is designed to include Codex HACCP principles and complies with all applicable SA Legislation, including compulsory specifications as well as customer requirements.


Champion: Innung - Ludwigsburg.

Best of Chamber of Trades - Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. 

Master Butcher Champion: Best of Stuttgart and Nationwide Champion (Bundessieger 1961) in Germany.

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